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Re: Ok so Kim was allowed back...what about the others who were banned trying...

Originally Posted by Lee View Post
I don't think you are ever going to fully agree. These ladies didn't break some technical rule like Kim did. The didn't just act in "heat of the moment" anger either. This was planned, pre-meditated attempts to hurt DS. You can think I am harsh or making things up, but I know EXACTLY what went on during those two days, exactly. I have also received an abundance of communication and feedback to confirm all I know. What more is there to continued questioning isn't going to bring a new detail to light as I have shared openly and honestly why I did what I did. I know several mamas that don't like my decision, but I know a whole lot more that do and are very supportive of my efforts to rid DS of these hateful mamas that would only like to damage this great community. Please don't expect more of an answer as I have been stating the same reasoning all along and posted it in multiple threads. I have nothing to hide.
Having served in the military, I happen to fully know what a planned, pre-meditated plan of attack looks like, and this aint' it. What SOME of the mama's did was called a hasty ambush. And I use the word HASTY because it was all in direct reaction to Kim being banned and the new rules. There was nothing planned. There was nothing pre-meditated. Towards the end of the "banning crusade", yes, there were some that started to plan things because it was becoming obvious that Kim would get reinstated while the others that came to her aid, would not. She asked for help, spread her own hateful "I hate Lee, I hate DS, they can (insert filthy, ****ographic action here)" herself, and many people did come to her aid. Of course they're upset now, they have every reason to be.

I've sat back and watched alot of this, I've seen alot of hateful stuff and wouldn't ya know it.. the most hateful stuff didn't even come from fellow BGers! I went to bat for your family, Lee, against a person that wasn't even a BG!! She was one of your own!

Originally Posted by zosiasmama View Post
I see what your saying, I know that their job must be really hard.

But I know that not all the people banned during that time were banned for aying horrible things. Several of us are continuing to ask because a few of them are being lumped into the group that did severly cross the line, but not all of them did. that is what we are asking here, for a bit of consideration on a case by case basis.
I agree with zosiasmama. I understand the job of being a mod is hard and must be extremely time consuming but it still doesn't give anyone the right to arbitrarily enforce laws against people they have a personal problem against. I'd have to say that people that affiliate themselves with BG's aren't the problem.

Harmony96... Being military and a military wife, I've seen enough bad things in this world that I think I'll be the judge of what keeps my peace of mind peaceful. While I can appreciate the idea that someone just doesn't want to share "gory" details, with the actions of what's happened, it just begs for suspicion, kwim?

I really do hope the board settles down and things run smoothly from here on out.
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