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Re: Ok so Kim was allowed back...what about the others who were banned trying...

Originally Posted by MamaOf3Cuties View Post
i know onlygirl (cherie) was banned right off and never even given any strikes
I ♥ Cherie, and I don't understand why she was banned. She posted 3 times on that thread, and nothing was out of line at all. She didn't take sides at all. I was on that night at the same time she was, and I saw her posts. If I'm allowed to be honest, her posts pale in comparison to some of the other posts in that thread, and a lot of those people weren't banned or given warnings.

Originally Posted by Kelolsen-and-Padawan View Post
Okay, I honestly want to know. Kim said some hateful things about you on other boards and asked for help. how is that different? this isn't an "attack" on Kim. I just would like to know the double standard. not everyone who was banned were on the boards where she asked for help either. I honestly just want to know and I won't pester or ask again. This is my one time asking.
It is a double standard. That's all I'll say about that.

My Uncle used to tell me life ain't a circus, either, when I'd say life isn't fair. I guess that advice applies to this, too.
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