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Re: Ok so Kim was allowed back...what about the others who were banned trying...

onlygirl wasn't a hateful mama, not that I ever saw... in fact, I think she brought a lot of light to the board with her good humor. I enjoyed reading her posts because she was funny and understanding. but I don't think even she understands why she was banned. nor do I, not that it's any of my business...
I don't want to get caught up in drama, so I'm trying not to, but there are a lot of things that happened this week that really changed the community of this entire forum and my outlook...
I'm scared to speak up, honestly, because I am a WAHM, have a business reputation, and enjoy coming to this board for business as well as meeting/talking to knowledgeable mamas. I also come here when things along the home front aren't going well, as I don't have a close knit group of "real life" friends. as some of you know, there was a death in my family a couple weeks ago, and I took some time off from my business to focus on my baby girl and family. when I needed some "adult conversation" I came here, for the humor and the support.
some of the very people who were caring enough to help me to laugh during my hard time were banned, and they don't even know why. I don't either.
I doubt I'm saying anything different than what anything else has said already... but it does sadden me that the vibe seems to be "well, what's gone on is over and done with" because I don't feel that is true with some of the mamas who were banned without a real explanation.

the mamas who were out of line, were out of line, period. and it would be lack of common sense to think that they deserve an explanation (because I think inside, they know why they were banned)... but for the mamas who don't know why, and were just at the wrong place at the wrong time...?
why wont their cases be revisited?
I'm sorry some innocent mamas were lumped into one big group. I hope in the future, that I don't get lumped into a group, because there are a few mamas who I do enjoy talking with on here. But their actions are not mine. They are individuals, as am I....

but anyway. I'm losing my train of thought here... just wanted to point a few things out, as an innocent bystander. I guess.
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