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Re: husband thinks cosleeping will mess with baby???

my mom coslept with me and my brother (in our crib - not in her bed *dont ask me why*) and to this day if im sick...all i want to do is curl up with my mommy in her bed...the comfort and mom smell still gets me. when my 2.5 yr old wants to sleep at her Nonnie's house my mom cosleeps with her and she coslept with my dd2 when dd1 and i were in the hospital for several days due to dd1's health issues.

i have 1 needy/clingy child - dd1 and dd2 is calm and chill...and kinda rolls with it. when d(ex)h and i were still together he was NOT thrilled with dd1 sleeping with us. but *i* needed to be well rested to take care of her all day - therefore however i was able to get enough rest was what worked for us. the more sleep i got the less crappy i was to him lol! i did eventually take the front of the crib off and smoosh it up to my side of the bed so dd1 could either sleep in her area if she wanted...or i could gently push/roll her in that direction for more room without her falling onto the floor.

2.5 yr old dd1 is now in a twin smooshed up to my bed and 9 month old dd2 is still sharing my bed. i love it! i love only having to roll over to nurse...and my biggest fear has been eased. i dont know why but i always think of a house fire...what if it happens to me and the kids are in another room and i cant get to them...scares the daylights outta me. ***i'm a BIG worrier***
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