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Re: husband thinks cosleeping will mess with baby???

Originally Posted by courtney_adkins05 View Post
my mom coslept with me and my brother (in our crib - not in her bed *dont ask me why*)
That's so funny! When James was 4 months and went into the hospital, the room they gave us only had a crib and they brought in one folding chair (it was a storage room they'd converted for us for that night because they were over-full). Well, it was dh, me, and the baby and we had gone to urgent care at 9 p.m. and didn't get to our hospital room till almost 4 a.m. so we were all exhausted. I asked them if there was any way we could get a regular sized bed in there and they said no, but they would try to move us to a room with a "window seat" kind of cot or something the next day. In the meantime, they never even offered to bring in another chair (a wheelchair...anything!) or something so that dh and I could both sit down! Anyway, I got tired and my joints are not what they used to be so sitting on the floor got old and I finally just climbed in the crib with James. I'm sure it was quite a site...I'm almost 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds and here I was curled up in the crib with my 4 month old! We slept a good part of that morning and all the doctors and nurses that came in were just laughing and saying "aww...poor thing." It was actually more comfortable than you'd expect except that when I had to get out, I was a little stiff and crampy. Finally after the second night, one of the nurses told me that they could move the crib out and move a regular bed in but I'd have to sign a release saying that I wouldn't hold them responsible if something happens and that I won't leave him unattended since I don't have a crib. (Do people really leave their sick 4 month olds unattended in a hospital room anyway?!?!?) I was quite happy to sign the release and have a real bed for the rest of the time we were there but sleeping in the crib really wasn't as bad as it sounds!
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