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Pumping to Increase supply: some questions...

So I've been dealing with really low supply; I didn't realize that was the problem (thought it was just bottle preference) until DS was totally fed up. I am NOT ready to give up breastfeeding (he's only 3 1/2 months).

Right now I'm either pumping until letdown, then letting him nurse, then supplementing with an eye dropper while he finishes nursing, or using a supplemental nursing system to keep him going until my milk lets down, pinching it off, and using it again while he finishes. (If milk is not coming out when he's hungry, he becomes hysterical and refuses to nurse, rather than sucking until it lets down).

Here's my problem-- the LC consultant told me to have him nurse whenever possible, and if that won't work to pump after every meal. DS has never been and still is not willing to nurse if he isn't hungry so I've been pumping. The problem is that the pump seems to totally drain me, and I haven't bounced back by the time he's hungry again.

My milk is definitely coming back-- it was taking 10-15 minutes to letdown (no wonder he got frustrated) and now it's down to 3-5, and yesterday I pumped 3 more oz than I supplemented with, but I had to supplement 1.5oz at one feeding because I just had nothing to give him.

I've been pumping 15-20 minutes after he nurses, every time I can stand it. (the pump makes my nipples pretty sore so I've skipped a couple of times when I was just too beat up, but I've been pretty good about it). Is there a better way for me to doing this?
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