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Re: Baby Boy problem, please help!?!?!?!?

Thanks mamas! We finally had our appoinment today and saying London is mad is a huge understatement! SHe looked at it and said yeap: its adhearing back becuase of his (fat pad). Then she proceeds to take the hard end of one of those plastic q tip things they have and jam it down in his poor little wee wee. Before I copuld even say anything at all, she was poking him with it! He was crying so pitifuly, I told her to stop and just took him up in my arms. Now she says to just put the antibacterial ointment on it everytime I change him. He is so red and raw, it hurts him to even pee! I feel so guilty for letting it happen to him.

Oh the good note, she did say that once he started walking and lost some weight, that he would not have such an issue with it!
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