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Re: Two awkward situations..

Heard from Mama number one and she says she is going to send another diaper to replace the one that went missing..

"settled" with mama number two. She is sending the dipes back at her own cost and I'm paying her price for the dipes that she sent me as a trade..

So here is the question.. Both of these mamas have been very nice and have continued to communicate throughout.. but I'm not feeling very happy about either one of the transactions..

So what do I do in feedback?

For #1, assuming I do finally get a diaper and assuming it really did get lost in the mail, in the end, I get what I paid for, but it's almost a month later.. Do I mention that?

For #2, we are working it out and I really didn't fight her on her desire to return them, but I have checked with 3 other people who all received diapers in the exact same condition with the same description and they have all been very happy with them and I even wrote one back to see if she felt my description was fair and she said she felt it was very accurate.. So again, do I mention this at all in feedback? Or do I just leave an "everything worked out ok.." kind of positive feedback?

I want to be fair to everybody I guess.. I haven't complained to these mamas so it seems unfair to leave anything other than positive in the feedback, but I think other mamas should know how this person transacts, too. I mean, what if mama #2 makes a habit of sending back dipes? Then she is costing a lot of people shipping and difficulty and if we don't report it, no one will ever know....

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