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Re: Non-vaxing Mommies- Need your advice

Originally Posted by palmettosweetheart View Post
The only thing I would be watching out for is pertussis (whooping cough), but *typically* you know who would be having that and most kids that would have it would not be going to a play group.
And FWIW that is one of the most least affective vaxes.

I stopped after two monthes and e was EBF and nursed for 2 and ahalf years the worst he got was the roto and we both got that the same time within hours of each other and that sucked but we are alive and fine.
I don't do anything any other mom would do we wash hands before we eat, wipe down the carts and purel after and he knows not to do the whole hands to face thing now that he is almost three.
Stopping vaxes was the second best parenting choice I made next to not circing, I feel soooo much better knowing that they are safe from the vaxes and the viruses don't scare me at all
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