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Re: Non-vaxing Mommies- Need your advice

I have one never vaxed and the rest partially vaxed and we don't plan on getting any more vaxes ever. I don't take any special precautions I wouldn't take even if they were vaxed. I keep the kids clean and teach them about good hygiene but I don't keep everything "germ-free". I'm a big believer in "too clean" can be just as bad as "not clean enough". How can their immune systems learn to cope if everything is sanitized before they come into contact with it? Yes, there are instances where it is necessary to keep things extra clean but some of the sickly-est kids I know are the ones whose mamas chase them around with a bottle of hand sanitizer and won't let them play with the other kids for fear of germs. (Don't flame me, I carry a bottle of hand sanitizer around in my purse too, but you know the kind of mamas I'm talking about )We also try to eat healthy and do things like try to get extra vitamin C during cold season. My kids are sick far less than most kids we know and when they do get sick, it's usually much milder and shorter than everyone else we know whose been sick, when it's "going around" . But these are things we did even when my kids were getting vaxes. We haven't changed anything except the fact that we no longer vax and my youngest (soon to be two youngest) have never been vaxed for anything.

Just FYI though, my older kids don't go to public school, aren't involved in lots of things (so they aren't around big groups a lot) but my completely unvaxed dd got pneumonia and she was 5 months old. The ped tried to convince me she needed the pneumonia vax and RSV vax but I declined. She could have gotten pneumonia whether she was vaxed or not. Pneumonia can be caused by any number of things not just the viruses covered by those two vaxes. But you know what? That's the only time she's ever been sick...ever. She hasn't had so much as a cold or an ear infection or anything since then and she's now almost 2yo.

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