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Re: Ok so Kim was allowed back...what about the others who were banned trying...


I don't understand why my warning was removed, and I am still here, but mamas who did much less have a "forever" ban.

Don't get me wrong - I'm glad I am still here so I can search the Itrader for my scammers blog, that is something that needs done - but if we're talking fairness or consistency I don't understand it.

Yes, SOME people knew what they were doing was "ban worthy" and said as much, or did something... welll.. they knew they were burning the bridge kwim? But others didn't and yet they are gone anyway.

FWIW, DSC will be compiling a list of those who were banned for political/rules reasons to post to the blog as a "Green Alert" that there were no issues with their transactions and their ban status should not reflect badly on their feedback.
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