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Re: Purple Leg on Infant!?

This has happend with my daughter before, but only to her foot. It happened many times when she was an infant, and I just thought the circulation was bad at that moment. I wasn't holding her funny or different when it would happen, but I thought maybe the placement of my arm (the pressure) from when I was holding her attributed to it? I never took her to the ER or the doctor for it, but I did ask the doctor about it at an appointment and he didn't seem worried. After young infancy, it didn't happen again.... until a couple weeks ago. But she was sitting funny so I think the circulation was cut off to her foot once again. Each time it happened, it went away almost as soon as I noticed it, and I rubbed it a bit to get things going again. It can be scary and make you want to worry, but my daughter was/is ok.
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