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Re: Do you make your own baby food? Convince me I can.

You can do it! I work full time, do all of the laundry, CDs included and still had time to make her food. Besides being able to choose what your baby eats, it will taste better. When my dd rejected some foods, I finally started tasting them myself and you know, I couldn't blame her.
Did you know that some brands use concentrates in their baby food? I know you want your baby to have the best!

Not only will it taste better, but you will also be able to choose organic fruits and veggies and you can control portions without wasting. I don't know how many times I threw out a jar because DD only ate half of it. Now I can just heat up what I know she will eat.

Food like sweet potates and squash I would make in bulk and be good for at least two weeks.

I also used for ideas, but really its pretty basic. As pp posters have said, steam or boil (I've even steam-microwaved apples) and mash or puree.

Just wanted to mention that I didn't do the ice cube trays because they don't sit right in our freezer. I bought the Gladware 4oz round containers and they were the perfect size. I could throw them in the diaper bag for the DCP or to have for DD after church if we ate out. They never leaked and haven't cracked in the freezer and do fine in the dishwasher.

Give it a try! BTW, its tons cheaper!!
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