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Re: How do you get past them being lazy with words or..

Originally Posted by Jillybean View Post
I wouldn't worry, he sounds like a perfectly normal little boy. My youngest has just now started saying more and he turned 2 in January. A lot of little boys are just so involved with developing their motor skills that they put speech on the back burner, so to speak.
Thanks mama...I guess the hardest part is that on x number of them we KNOW he knows them and it's hard to watch him sort of regress. I know on the other hand he's developing fine and we have no questions on it. And he's definitely developing his motor skills, throwing, kicking ball, climbing, etc. that he's all boy and extroverted in a sense on. Like it would be different if some of them he were just now learning, which some he is and some he's known for a while. For instance he knows drink, juice, etc. that I posted originally. One day at my parents house he wanted a sip of our tea. So we tell him to say tea...nothing. he just stands there and starts getting whiny. So we say, when you tell us what you we'll give it to you. You don't get things by crying, but if you just tell us what you need...and so forth. We don't carry it on out but make it short and sweet. So he never says it and then he walks off all pouty. Few min later he's eyeing the tea again. He walks up and says 'tea?'. Then we give it to him and he gets all beside himself and happy.
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