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Car seat blues

Well Bruce has outgrown his graco comfort sport car seat. I wanted to get something like a Britax but, we just don't have the money for that. So, yesterday I got a Evenflow chase seat. Thought it was really nice until I put Bruce in it. To losen the straps it was right in the front below the locking clips. I couldn't lower it so I couldnt lower the clips. They were right on his neck. So, I had to take it back. I was going to get the Graco cargo seat but, it seemed a bit too small for him and it was ten dollars more then I had. So I got the Safety 1st Vantage Point carseat. The only thing is that I don't think it's made with EPS foam like the graco one. If anyone has a Safety 1st vantage point do you like it? I just hope he doesn't bet beyond 40 pounds before he's three or four. Would like to keep him in a harness until he's four but, he's already a big boy now.
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