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Re: I am officially the worst tooth fairy ever!

I can find little pillows or bears embroidered with "tooth fairy pillow" or something like that. Or make it a craft project that you can do together. Create a little pillow or pouch to put the tooth in and leave it by their toothbrush.

Not to hijack but I have to share my tooth fairy story from my childhood. At our house, the tooth fairy always paid a dollar. When I pulled one tooth, I don't remember how it happened but the tooth went flying across the room and I couldn't find it. I was devastated because I was afraid the tooth fairy wouldn't come. My mom helped me write her a note to put under my pillow explaining that it was an accident and I was so sorry I didn't have the tooth to leave for her. Well, the next morning, there was a note from the tooth fairy saying it was ok but to always make sure to wait till the tooth was ready to come out instead of forcing it or something like and taped to the note were four quarters. For the longest time I was sure the tooth fairy had shorted me because I she didn't get that tooth. I'm 31 years old and still remember that's the only time the tooth fairy ever left me change instead of a crisp new dollar.
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