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Re: Did I overreact?

Originally Posted by Momoftwo View Post
My 2 1/2 year old daughter go to story time at the library every Tuesday. Before we go to the library we go to the thrift store and search for treasures. We always talk about how to behave in the store before we go in. Our conversations go something like:

dd: "Mommy can I walk in the store?"
me: "As long as you listen and don't run away you can walk. If you don't listen, I have to carry you."
dd: "Okay Mommy, I will listen."

That is usually enough a discussion. We do this every week and it is always the same. Lately on Tuesday mornings her bf has been in the store. My dd's bf is a year older and VERY well behaved. Dd's bf was in the store this morning and dd was very rude to her (she didn't want to let her look at toys and was screaming NO at her.) I tried to talk to my dd about it and she ran away from me. She was running circles through the store and hiding. I had to chase her down and catch her. When I caught her I told her she had to hold my hand and she refused. So, I picked her up to carry her. She totally freaked out and started kicking, hitting, and screaming. I told her if she couldn't behave she was not going to story time, we were going home. Needless to say, she did not behave and I took her home.

She cried the whole way home, screaming until she almost puked! I made me cry to hear her being so upset. It all happened so quickly. We were both kind of shocked. She is only 2, so Did I overreact?

I think you did the right thing! It is so hard!!! Big hugs!
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