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Re: Crud. Thrush and YI.....

Originally Posted by MamaMegan
Okay so my son has a habit of stealing DD's binkies, he never used one but likes to steal it and suck on it.

She has thrush that we've been treating with GV (got a RX for Dif today since it's getting worse)...

He has a raging diaper rash, red, raised and all.... it looks like a YI (from when he'd get thrush, he'd have it in his mouth and his balls).... nothing in his mouth. Is it Monistat OTC I can use, any other suggestions?
My 7.5 month old is going through the SAME thing!!! She just had the rash on her bottom. The Ped gave her Nystatin but unfortunetly after 5 days of treating her she is still NO BETTER! Her YI is from the antibiotics she was given for her sinus and ear infection. I hate it when my babies are sick!!!
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