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Re: What do/did you do when 15month LO had Tantrum

Mama, it's okay!
Tantrums are pretty easy to nip in the bud. They just take mama being mindful and consistent. So, for example, I am aware of our routine and keep it in mind. If it's three o'clock in the afternoon and baby hasn't had a nap, well, that's kind of my fault and I can't expect a 15 mo to be cheerful. (I would expect a 4 year old, but not a 15 mo.)

Ignoring it is not the answer. That assumes tantrums are a phase and that they will pass. They will not. I've seen two year olds, 4 yr. olds, and 15 year olds throw a fit when they don't get what they want. If you want a 4 year old that throws fits, by all means ignore it.

A swat is not the answer either. I'm actually not against them. (Yes, I said it.) HOWEVER, so many people think a swat fixes the problem. No, that's not what does it. It's having a consistent action to discourage the swat and doing it consistently that stops the behaviour. The swat might be their "tool" but it's the consistency that gets the wanted behaviour, not the swat.

Just remember that you are training your child how to behave by your behaviour. You are ALWAYS training. By ignoring them, you will (I promise, just wait and see) train them to react bigger and more 'til you are forced to react, unless you have a very compliant child.

All you have to do mama, is pick the baby up. Sit him on a chair. Get on your knees and tell him no. Don't hold him 'til he stops. Outlast the behaviour. As soon as he quiets down, tell him good baby for stopping and play with him. Never reward the behaviour. If his fit is for wanting to be picked up, then don't pick him up. Make him be happy playing on the floor with you 'til he's happy. Tell him, "No. I'll pick you up when you're happy." Reward good behaviour, never reward bad. Kiddos are smart. They quickly learn what gets them their way. When a fit never works, they'll give up that tool. When being sweet and saying please gets them what they want they learn to do it. It takes time and consistency, but I can tell you you can have toddlers and preschoolers that do NOT throw fits.
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