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Re: What do/did you do when 15month LO had Tantrum

my little man's trigger is not getting what he wants or being told no by mom. He knows if he whines he's mom will usually give in just so the next step
(tantrum) wont happen. Also I found the tantrum only lasted 10mins instead of hour or more long when I just held him and wouldn't let him go till he was done. I'm kind of leaning toward that method.

He's wants when he's having a tantrum though really is to be held by mom, if not just to demand to be back down. So I hate thinking this is giving in. Could someone define giving in??

like : giving in mean, after your little one throws the climax of the tantrum and starts gasping for breath but still crying a bit, can the parent pick the child up then?

if you move to the next room just so you don't snap at the child for having a tantrum, but the child follows you still having a mini tantrum is this giving in?

last thing could you pls explain this part blsdmama?
All you have to do mama, is pick the baby up. Sit him on a chair. Get on your knees and tell him no. Don't hold him 'til he stops. Outlast the behavior.

one last question is, do you think its alright to take a toddler into a store when your 80% positive he/she is bound to have a tantrum? I have him in the baby carrier and I know from past experience he trys to get out but once he realizes he's in there he will be good for 20mins then vocalize he doesn't want to be in carrier for 10mins max, then be good again. Or is this just being mean to those shopping and wanting some peace?
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