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Re: What do/did you do when 15month LO had Tantrum

I would suggest that if you know he's going to have a tantrum in a store and you can't get out of going, try to prepare. My oldest DS is Autistic and we use a lot of social stories to help prepare him for stressful situations like going to a store. Here is a link to help you understand what asocial story is....

It's intended use is for children on the spectrum but I found it really helpful with my toddlers before they were good at communicating their needs and understanding what was expected of them.

Anyway. If you tell him 1/2 an hour before you go to the sore that you are, then as you put his shoes on say "We are putting your shoes on to go to the store" then as you put him into the car say "We are getting in the car to go to the store" On the way there talk about what you want to do at the store.

Another suggestion is that you could start him walking on his own at the store for small stretches of time. It's a bit of a PITA to start to do and I'll say that's it's much more simple to teach a younger child who has an older siblings to modle... But teaching your LO to hold on to a cart or the side of the stroller as you shop really helps out. It's really boring for them to sit in one spot while you take them shopping, getting them up and walking makes a big difference. Also, plan for short trips. Make a mental game plan before you go into the store and get things done as quickly as possible (helps prevent tantrums and helps to keep you from spending $$ ).

the best advice I can give you no matter what you do, is to not fear the tantrum I swear kids can smell fear . If you just give in and accept tantrums as a normal part of having a toddler and deal with them very consistently- it will get better. A big reason a lot of kids freak out in public is because they can't predict their parents behavior because Mom or Dad reacts unpredictably to their actions when other people are watching. Another reason is that parents expect their children to just turn off once they enter a store. Toddlers don't have an off switch and they need to be stimulated, even in a store. Change things up for them, bring snacks, bring toys that attach to their cart/stroller, talk to them, involve them in the shopping. If a tantrum happens in public, don't let gawking strangers change how you would and should deal with things. Ignore them and deal w/ your LO. If things really get out of hand maybe you could make a buck and sell tickets
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