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Re: how to start selling wahm items?

To sell WAHM items, you have to be a member of the Wahm Group. To request approval to the WAHM group go to your CP (control panel - first link in the navigation at the top). Once in your CP, scroll towards the bottom and click on "Group Memberships" on the left. Here you will be able to request approval.
Approval isn't instant, members of the Mod Team manually approve requests, so please be patient.

To be approved for Wahm Group Membership you have to meet one of two requirements:

A. 30 posts been here 30 days AND have confirmed good feedback at least one other place.
B. 60 posts been here 60 days

If it appears your only posts are in this forum, we may ask you to show more participation, or remove you from the group. You may also be removed from the group for inactivity across the forums.

If you have any questions, please pm me.
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