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Re: How did you help child #1 "adjust" to the arrival of new baby?

DJ was 25 months when James was born. I was nervous but he did fine! I had been crocheting a blanket for James while I was on bed rest before he was born and at some point, DJ stopped saying that the blanket was FOR his baby brother and started saying that the blanket WAS his baby brother. I figured it was just one of those two year old things. Well, when my parents brought DJ to the hospital after James was born, I was holding James wrapped in that blanket when they walked in. DJ looked at me and smiled and said "That's my baby brother." Then he looked closer and realized there was a baby in the blanket and gasped and announced to the world "OOooohhh! THAT'S my baby brother!" When my parents got ready to leave with DJ that evening, he was not too keen on leaving mommy and the baby at the hospital but he did settle down eventually. When we all got back home, I was really worried about DJ being jealous because he's a total mama's boy but he was so excited. He didn't want me to put the baby down EVER! And he didn't want Daddy holding him had to be me. Since DJ still slept with us, I was a little concerned about bedtime and tried to make a point of making sure that James was asleep in the bassinet or swing before time to put DJ to bed but DJ wouldn't have that...he wanted "Baby James" to lay in the bed with us while he went to sleep. He was a little concerned about him nursing (even though he had only stopped nursing a couple of months before) but he eventually got over that and every time James even acted like he might fuss DJ would announce to the world that he wanted me to feed him my booby.

Really, the first hint of jealousy I saw was when James was about 6 months old. I was changing DJ's diaper one day and James got fussy so I called out to him and told him I'd be there in just a minute. DJ yelled "Yeah, James, you have to wait a minute! It's my turn now!"

James is 1.5 now and DJ's 3.5 and they're normal siblings. If I'm paying too much attention to one, the other will get jealous and try to butt in, but for the most part they're fine. James has recently started using the potty and DJ's a little jealous of the attention he gets for that. He keeps saying "I can teetee in the potty too!" like it's no big deal.

Not long before James was born, there was a Franklin movie on Noggin about when Harriet was born and that was also right around the time that Dora's twin siblings were born so we talked about it some but overall, I think I was way more concerned than I needed to be. Good luck!
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