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Re: How did you help child #1 "adjust" to the arrival of new baby?

My daughter was 22 months old when my son was born and we did have a few transition issues, but not very bad and not very long-lasting. Here are a few things we found worked to help prep her for baby's arrival and also after he was born.

1. Books: a few months before I was due I had found a book called "I'm a Big Sister" by Joanna Cole. It was fantastic! Great for her age level and really focuses on the good things about being older and helping with baby. My daughter loved it. There is a boy version too.

2. Baby doll- she could change/feed/burp baby when I changed/fed/burped the real baby. Not sure if a boy would be as interested but it could be a teddy, etc.

3. Box of stickers, books, toys, etc that she could play with when I was busy nursing Owen. They were things she only got to do when we were in Owen's room so they were special and held her attention.

4. When we were changing him etc. we would get her involved and let her make choices like the color diaper, which pjs, socks, onesie, etc. She loved this!

We had a bit of jealousy after Owen was born- whenever my husband did anything with Owen it would set Chloe off into a fit. We started using a sticker reward chart to reward her for when she was patient and calm when Daddy was with Owen- then after 5 stickers she got to go swimming with Daddy. We pretty much made sure she got the 5 stickers within a day or 2 because she was only 22 months and rewards needed to appear pretty quickly to work. After just 1 reward (swim) she was fine.

Hope this gives you a few ideas.
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