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8 month old's feeding schedule please

I will be fostering an 8 month old for a few weeks. She is a voluntary placement, and her mom sent her along with two bags stuffed full of food. There must be 15 or so of those little Gerber "TV dinners," 3 bottles of juice , 2 cans of formula, several containers of wagon wheels/puffs/finger foods, and a box of cereal, no jarred baby food at all.

Baby has two teeth and there is NO WAY I am comfortable feeding her Gerber Graduates, which say right on the package they are "meals for toddlers."

I bought a case of Earth's Best baby food and I'm having trouble even getting her to eat that! I don't know how they get her to take those packaged meals, but while she is in my care, I feel like they are too much of a choking hazard lets not talk about the preservatives.)

I really feel her mom is trying hard to do well by her child, I think she is young and uneducated. (I should note that I did not know mom before I picked baby up Monday, and have no idea about continued contact after care.)

SO, if you have an 8 month old, can you please tell me what they would eat in a normal day, and how much table food (if any) I should be expecting her to eat? THANK YOU in advance!
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