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Re: How did you help child #1 "adjust" to the arrival of new baby?

DD was 24 months when DS was born and there were very few issues with us (even though DH was deployed so I was on my own!). We read "Big Sister Now: A Story About Me and Our New Baby" by Annette Sheldon and Karen Maizel which also has some suggestions in the back for how to help kids cope. I changed the names in the book to fit my own kids' names, lol. I also started playing with DD and her baby doll, doing things I'd be doing with DS when he was born and explaining them to her. We went in the baby's room a lot and showed DD where he'd sleep and talked about what she did as a baby. Some of my friends had newborns, so we hung around them a lot to try and get her used to babies. I'll never forget the first night we came home from the Hospital, I asked DD if she wanted her baby in bed. She said "yes" and reached for DS! That always makes me smile...
Sometimes she wanted my attention when I was nursing or something and that was hard. I tried to spend some one-on-one time with her at least once a day and read books with them both (DD loves books) to help her adjust to new routines while maintaining some things we always used to do. HTH!
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