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Re: Please Read RE: Openly Outing/bashing people PLACES TO LEAVE FB HERE!

Originally Posted by mom2katie View Post
I totally agree that the personal bashing about the manufacturer/ WAHM, etc is out of hand and should be stopped. But just to clarify does this mean that we can't post things that we don't like about the product? It helps to see sometimes that such and such diapers won't work on skinny babies, tall babies, have tabs that lay weird, have sizing inconsistencies, aren't absorbent enough for heavy wetters, etc.

I like to see both kinds of reviews on the product that I want to purchase. I don't really think that it is my business to know about the personal life of the person who makes it!

Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
I'd like to know that, too. IMO I think these sorts of things can be posted just as a straight-up review, without bashing. It is a fact that babies come in all shapes and sizes, and diapers that work FABULOUSLY for one baby-body-style may not work for a different baby body. I just don't like using the words "I don't like the features of this diaper b/c it didn't work for my baby." You CAN still like and appreciate a diaper, even if it doesn't work for your baby, and give neutral feedback saying so.
So sorry mamas I must have missed this. The "do X diapers work well with chunky babies?" etc.. Is fine. The Y diaper is so bad it leaks so horribly like it's made our of an old tarp.

Openly bashing any business or questioning ethics or anything of that matter does NOT belong on DS

am I making sense? I don't feel like I'm making sense
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