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Re: 8 month old's feeding schedule please

I don't remember DS's exact feeding schedule at 8 months. But I can say they do not need teeth to eat. He didn't get his first tooth until he was one and he ate all kinds of things.

DD is almost 8 months old. She has no teeth. She nurses at 5:30 am then back to bed til 7:30. She has oatmeal baby cereal mixed with fruit for breakfast. Sometimes she has toast too. She nurses at 8:45. She naps at 9:00. She has lunch around 11:30. She eats a jar of stage 3 dinner and a "real" veggie. (Green peas, diced carrots or green beans). She just started the whole veggies a few days ago and LOVES them. I found some little microwavable plastic cups of peas, carrots and green beans on the veggie aisle. They are perfect for her. It is just the veggies in a bit of water so they are nice and soft. She nurses at 12:30. She naps at 1:00. She sometimes nurses around 3:00 or 3:30. She eats dinner around 5:00. She eats rice cereal mixed with a veggie and another "real veggie". She nurses around 6:00. Then she is down for the night.
She also eats the gerber puffs and biter biscuits. I tried giving her the yobaby yogurt at breakfast but she didn't like it at all. She is doing so well with "real" food that I am going to continue introducing more. Hope this has been helpful.

ETA: Most people do nursing/bottle before solids. I don't because DD is ready to sleep after nursing. She empties the breast no matter when I feed her so I feed her the solids and then nurse her. I wouldn't do it this way if it caused her to not nurse good. I just didn't want anyone to think I am a dumb mama or not a good one.
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