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Re: Anyone with a bi-polar teen or have experience with one?

Sounds like a really rough situation right now, for everybody!
My entire teenage life was spent with a stepmom whom I did NOT get along with-- she antagonized me as much as I did her. It makes it really hard when an "adult" acts like a child to someone who's making the transition from child to adult, IMO.

My only thought is that maybe he could find some sort of volunteer work that he was interested in? I know that people make him uncomfortable, but if you could find a good match... With his interest in weapons it makes is kinda tough/weird, because you don't want to promote any more violence, but if there was some way to find a Healthy outlet for those feelings... also, sounds like being at a new school is really rough on him, he probably comes across to people who don't know him not as uncomfortable or shy, but weird and confrontational. That could push him farther into himself.
Just sort of thinking out loud, here-- the teenage years were rough for me and I had a really close friend who struggled (and still struggles) with bi-polar disorder.
I just think that if his interests could be aroused, if he could volunteer at an animal shelter, or to help disabled kids... I don't know. It would give him something to do besides be down on himself and his life all the time...

Good luck, I really feel for your family and know that this, too, will pass...
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