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Re: Co-sleeping is not working so well anymore :(

My ds doesn't much care to be cuddled when he sleeps - he will actually push my hand away in his sleep if I lay it on him or stroke his hair. He tends to scoot around alot and flips sideways (which means that he ends up cuddled when he doesn't want to be). We put a tube pillow I sewed wrapped in a folded blanket to keep it in place (but a rolled up towel or blanket sandwiched in the fold would work just as well) to give him his own space still in our bed (he sleeps next to me with a bed rail on the other side). He can still scoot out over the top or even crawl or roll over it (and does if I don't wake up right away).

I start the blanket at chest level for him, to it's easy to just roll over and nurse without lifting him out or moving anything out of the way. DS nurses every couple hours at night, so having him even in a sidecar would dramatically decrease the amount of sleep I get. Since he will slowly turn sideways (edging his way out the top) in his sleep, I roll over, scoot him back into his space, and nurse him each time he wakes up (usually without waking up all the way myself) - it prevents him from getting all turned around, and I actually find that sometimes he will fall right back to sleep (without nursing!) once I scoot him back into his little bed area.

It also stops the "so they all rolled over and one fell out" syndrome that was plaguing my dh and turning him off of co-sleeping. Now we're *all* happy with the shared bed.

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