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Re: Measles/Emergency Info needed!!

Originally Posted by sarahpotter View Post
I don't know what kind of information I need to know.
I just want someone to talk to me.

Okay so here is whats going on:

My husband has been exposed to Measles.
The guy he works with has them.
My 18mo son had not had a MMR vaccination.
We were not going to get it.
Now what?

I am also 34wks pregnant.
Do I need to call my doctor?
I don't know what to do.

My husband wants me to go get just the vaccination for Measles for our son, today.
I don't know what to do.
Here's my take. Has your son been exposed to the co-worker? If not, you have a little time to think. My understanding is that MMR requires several doses to be effective. So getting him the shot now might not do any good anyhow. If you and your DH are vaccinated, then there is little chance your son would contract measles from either of you just being exposed to it. Research this for yourself to be sure, but the only risk to your unborn baby would be if you were exposed to Rubella and not vaccinated, and that risk is at it's greatest in the first trimester. AFA just getting the measles vax today, it is often not readily available separate from the other 2, so that may not even be an option.
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