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Re: 8 month old's feeding schedule please

DD will be 8 mos next week. She LOVES eating, and lately is very into "Me do!" aka feeding herself. Most days she is at daycare and has a set schedule there:

7am Nurse
8am Breakfast - typically banana pieces and Cheerios
10am Bottle
12noon Lunch - oatmeal or rice cereal with fruit or veggie (I made my own or send organic Stage 2 jars)
2pm Bottle
5pm Bottle
6pm Dinner - Mainly veggies - mashed potatoes or homemade purees with a little oatmeal
7:30pm Nurse

We have done the Gerber biter biscuits and fruity poofs with no problem. I actually prefer giving her low/no sugar cereal rather than the poofs (cheaper too). The biter biscuits are SOOOOO messy, we like Mum Mum crackers better - found in our Asian food aisle at the grocery store. They are for babies and DD seems to really like them. We're going to start giving her more finger foods like "real" veggies and fruits, once I have time to make them. I have tons of premade baby purees in my freezer right now to get through before she refuses to eat them!

Edited to Add:
I've read it depends on your baby's eating habits whether you offer formula/breastmilk before or after solid foods. See what works for you!
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