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Re: How do I handle this? Disturbing to say the least....

Oh my, that is terrible! Thank you so much for sharing your story with me though.

I am planning on sitting down to talk with her tonight. I tried to yesterday but she was so overly tired she didn't want anything to do with a serious converstation. I did tell my brother what SIL said and he said "oh, I'm sure she didn't mean it that way". I can not force them (more so her than him) to properly raise my nephew or take him to counseling but I can keep my kids FAR FAR away from him. I told them we would not be at his birthday party and they actually cancelled it (not sure if it was a financial thing or a punishment thing). I truely hope they get him help so he never does this again though and so he can grow up to be a confident young man. As for my mom she knows I am upset and of course has not called me or stopped by (she is notorious for avoiding). I made it clear that she will not watch the kids which I know upset her and does hurt (especially considering she thinks I hav kids for her sake) but again, I am looking out for my kids and she has officially proved herself unfit in my eyes (has proven herself that way several times but this is the final straw). Thanks to all for your support, you always make it easy to come here fo advice.
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