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Re: 8 month old's feeding schedule please

on the toddler type meals-- those just don't seem healthy enough to give an 8 month old IMO. I also don't do juice- I'd rather him get liquid from bm or formula and have fruit.
7am- nurses, then a small bowl of oatmeal cereal and slightly mushed organic blueberries (I buy frozen at Trader Joe's- they are cheaper there for us!)
10am nurses and then naps
12:30pm nurses a bit then has lunch- usually organic baby food jar (he doesn't like the straight purees anymore either and has no teeth yet so I will cook a veggie like green beans and then cut them in small bits and mix it in with the pureed foods or small bits of whole grain pasta), some mushed up mango (I microwave it a little and then slightly mush- he loves this!) or an organic apple cut in half, cored, with a bit of cinnamon and microwaved for a bit until mushy- he eats a whole apple!!!
anywhere from 3:00-4 ish pm nurses again then naps
up around 5pm but will eat with us around 6- usually another jar or mashed up sweet potato (mixed with some water) or a veggie, some cheerios (I'm not sure but I think the puff things have more sugar in them than cheerios? we stick to cheerios because they are cheaper)
8pm nurses again then down for bedtime

he basically nurses about 6x's a day and has 3 mini meals a day and it seems to be working well here. I wish you the best!
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