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Re: 8 month old's feeding schedule please

Sounds like she is use to feeding herself and it might be hard to get her to eat smooth purees. Earth's Best has some jarred food that is chunkier. My girl will only eat from a spoon after she's had her fill of finger foods and only then if it's chunky. You can cut up soft cooked veggies and ripe fruits. Dust them with ground up cereal if they are hard for her to pick up. Make some whole grain cereals and add fruits and veggies to that.

Check this site out for ideas:

*edit to add our schedule*

She is 10 months old now, but it wasn't too different at 8 months. Just the types of food was different) She breastfeeds on demand through out the day. Every meal starts with Kamut puffs because she will throw a fit if she can't have them. heh.

8:30 whole grain cereal (oatmeal, millet, barely etc) with two fruits
Snack: cereal puffs (kamut, rice, millet) and Perky O's (O shaped cereal)
Noonish: Soy yogurt (she can't have dairy) with chopped up fruit
Snack: fruit, veggie, and tofu finger food snacks
Dinner: These days it's more and more whatever we are eating. And/or whatever we grab out of the freezer. Usually a couple veggy cubes and fruit cubes (from homemade purees). Maybe more cereal or yogurt.
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