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Re: Measles/Emergency Info needed!!

Originally Posted by palmettosweetheart View Post
Vaccines aren't "effective" for several days/weeks after the injection.

I personally would not be too concerned if my DS got the measles. DH got the measles and mumps growing up. He now has lifetime immunity that I will never have as I was "vaccinated".

Typically for pregnant women, Rubella is the only childhood disease to worry about and that is only during the first trimester of pregnancy as it could potentially cause birth defects.

But, I would contact your OBGYN as well as your pediatrician to inform them, ask their advice, and do your own research before you do anything.

Good Luck!
Actually fifths disease and chickenpox can also be dangerous to a developing fetus, but not that late in development.

The MMR vaccine is not highly effective, and even if it were a vax as a child would not still be effective for you or dh. Which is probably how his co-worker got it anyway. But I am glad to see that you have decided against vaxing. It is a dangerous vax, and measels is more of a nuisance than a threat. I would probably expose my child to the co-worker in hopes of him getting it, but at your stage of pregnancy you probably don't want to be caring for a sick child either. I am personally hoping my boys get all of those childhood diseases and get over them so they don't have to have these kinds of worries as adults. They will know that they are immune.
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