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Re: Anyone with a bi-polar teen or have experience with one?

I was a bi-polar teenager. It's really hard. I hated myself, and because of that I did alot of terrible things. And yes, if the step mom hates him it will make everything worse. My grandmother made my life from the time I was small a living hell, and trust me when I say it only made everything I was going through as a teen so much worse. The things to keep in mind is that they can't just treat one aspect of the bi-polar. Alot of psychiatrists want to treat just the depression, or they prescribe something for both but the child stops medicating when they get manic and feel good, so they crash again. It becomes a really viscious cycle. Also it is possible that if he is still on the ADHD meds they are making matters worse for him. He needs to be in an enviroment with people he can trust and people who actually want to help him. If his stepmom is being childish or cruel to him (or even just treating him differently) he will know and it will make matters so much worse than they need to be. I wish I had some better advice for you. The best thing to do is for his dad to talk to him. If he can find out what he is interested in and help him focus on that, and do those things with him, it could be a real help.
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