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Re: Well I did it... I called Early Intervention

On another message board I'm on, someone posted a link to questionaires about children's development. link So I went and took it, and the questions are worrying me now a little. Here's the questions for DD's age and my responses. If I had any doubt that she needed to be evaluated before, I don't anymore.

At the end of the questionaire there was the option to have the results emailed, so I'll update again once I have received those.

Ages & Stages Questionnaires : A Parent Completed, Child-Monitoring System
16 Month Questionnaire
(For children ages 15 - 17 months)
Communication Be sure to try each activity with your child Yes Sometimes No
1 Does your child point to, pat, or try to pick up pictures in a book? Sometimes
2 Does your child say four or more words in addition to "Mama" and "Dada"? No
3 When your child wants something, does he tell you by pointing to it? Sometimes
4 When you ask her to, does your child go into another room to find a familiar toy or object? (You might ask, "Where is your ball?" or say, "Bring me your coat" or "Go get your blanket.") No
5 Does your child imitate a two-word sentence? For example, when you say a two-word phrase, such as "Mama eat," "Daddy play," "Go home," or "What's this?" does your child say both words back to you? (Check "yes" even if his words are difficult to understand.) No
6 Does your child say eight or more words in addition to "Mama" and "Dada"? No
Gross Motor Be sure to try each activity with your child Yes Sometimes No
1 Does your child stand up in the middle of the floor by herself and take several steps forward? Yes
2 Does your child climb onto furniture? No
3 Does your child bend over or squat to pick up an object from the floor and then stand up again without any support? Sometimes
4 Does your child move around by walking, rather than by crawling on her hands and knees? Sometimes
5 Does your child walk well and seldom fall? No
6 Does your child climb on an object such as a chair to reach something she wants? No
Fine Motor Be sure to try each activity with your child Yes Sometimes No
1 Does your child help turn the pages of a book? (You may lift the pages for him to grasp.) Yes
2 Child throwing ballDoes your child throw a small ball with a forward arm motion? (If she simply drops the ball, check "not yet" for this item). No
3 Does your child stack a small block or toy on top of another one? (You could also use spools of thread, small boxes, or toys that are about 1 inch in size.) No
4 Does your child stack three small blocks or toys on top of each other by herself? No
5 Child drawing on paperDoes your child make a mark on the paper with the tip of a crayon (or pencil or pen) when trying to draw? No
6 Does your child turn the pages of a book by himself? (He may turn more than one page at a time). Yes
Problem Solving Be sure to try each activity with your child Yes Sometimes No
1 After you scribble back and forth on paper with a crayon (or pencil or pen), does your child copy you by scribbling? (If she already scribbles on her own, check "yes" for this item.) No
2 Can your child drop a crumb or Cheerio into a small, clear bottle (such as a plastic soda-pop bottle or baby bottle)? Yes
3 Does your child drop several (six or more) small toys into a container, such as a bowl or box? (You may show him how to do it.) No
4 Hand holding stick to reach small toyAfter you have shown her how, does your child try to get a small toy that is slightly out of reach by using a spoon, stick, or similar tool? No
5 Without first showing him how, does your child scribble back and forth when you give him a crayon (or pencil or pen)? No
6 After a crumb or Cheerio is dropped into a bottle, does your child turn the bottle upside down to dump it out again? (You may show her how.) No
Personal-Social Be sure to try each activity with your child Yes Sometimes No
1 Does your child feed himself with a spoon, even though he may spill some food? No
2 Does your child help undress herself by taking off clothes like socks, hat, shoes, or mittens? No
3 Does your child play with a doll or stuffed animal by hugging it? Yes
4 While looking at himself in the mirror, does your child offer a toy to his own image? Sometimes
5 Does your child get your attention or try to show you something by pulling on your hand or clothes? Sometimes
6 Does your child come to you when she needs help, such as with winding up a toy? Sometimes
Overall Yes No
1 Do you think your child hears well?

If no, explain:
2 Do you think your child talks like other toddlers his age?

If no, explain:
'She has no words yet. Not even any nonsense words that she uses over and over to refer to the same thing.' No
3 Can you understand most of what your child says?

If no, explain:
'See answer to number 2.' No
4 Do you think your child walks, runs, and climbs like other toddlers her age

If no, explain:
'No, she\'s just learned to walk independently this week. We know several children younger than her who are already walking well.' No
5 Does either parent have a family history of childhood deafness or hearing impairment?

If yes, explain:
6 Do you have concerns about your child's vision?

If yes, explain:
7 Has your child had any medical problems in the last several months?

If yes, explain:
8 Does any thing about your child worry you?

If yes, explain:
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