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Re: Well I did it... I called Early Intervention

You did the right thing! WTG for listening to your mama intuition and contacting EI. Even if your child is within normal ranges, it's better to get checked out just in case. Either way, it'll help to put your mind at ease.

I ignored my intuition and listened to friends for far too long. By the time I contacted EI, he was in the dreaded age that he was too old for EI to evaluate him, but not quite old enough for special ed department of the school district to handle it. They have a rule that there has to be a certain number of days between when they evaluate and when they turn three. If it's less than that, they can't evaluate them, yet the school district would evaluate him either because he wasn't three yet. It was very frustrating and in our case my oldest ds has autism. If I had listened to my intuition earlier he could have got more help. He's come a long ways and appears "normal" to most people now.
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