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Re: Was told 3 times today to stop BF

Thank you so much everyone!! I really would like to have him weaned here pretty soon, I'm hoping for another month.. only because *I* feel ready... but, I'm just not going to make him miserable and push him so it's a gradual process.. Shoot, I had him down to nap and bedtime only around Christmas.. then he got an ear infection in Jan, and all he would do is nurse, if it weren't for that he probably would have been hospitalized.. then, I got him back down to naps and bedtime again, just for another ear infection in Feb.. he got tubes and has been perfectly healthy since and now I got him back down to the nap and bedtime, now just bedtime.. so I figure not long now... Everyone was so supportive of me bfing for that first year, since then I always hear crap.. My own dad even says things like, "go let him nurse on one of your cows in the pasture".. What the heck? Show's you their skewed sense of thinking on BFing I guess. I dunno.. I just don't like being pushed to do something I'm already trying to do.. I'm about ready to get nasty and say some very un-nice things to people around here!
Thank you all for the support, it's exactly what I need to hear!
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