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Help please, ds having some troubles while bfing

You would think with this being my 3rd bf baby i would know these things by now

First: do babys continue to eat even when they are not hungry? or does this just go back to them wanting to suck for comfort.

here is my main question/concern
my son is a month old and every time he eats its like im drowning him, he just cant keep up and ends up choking and gagging. He eats every 1-2 hrs or so, just depending on when he is awake. and im not full or engorged, well, i dont feel full. is it normal for him to still be choking? Shouldnt my supply be acustomed to him?

just about every feeding he ends up spitting a good amount back up, could this be from eating too fast? i feed him on an incline to try and see if that would prevent it, but it doesnt seem to help. the spit up is usually "fresh" milk, once and a while its not.

someone mentioned reflux, but wouldnt he be cranky? hes definitely not a cranky baby.
oh and as of his 2wk well baby visit, he is gaining very well, so that wasnt a concern
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