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Re: Freaking out at the doctor?

Originally Posted by beckers1111
My DD is almost 3 and we went in for her 3 yr well visit today....

SHE FLIPPED OUT! I had never seen her scream so loud or kick and fight so hard! Is this normal for a 3 yr old? We are almost never at the doctor, shes a very healthy child, its been almost a year since weve been there, could that have something to do with it?
could be anxiety. she could be scared since she has not been there for a while. maybe it would be a good idea to start talking about the doctor with her and make it fun and exciting. Let her know the doctor is an OK person. God forbid anything ever happen to your child but if it does..I am thinking you would want her ok with the doctors, nurses and the people that would need to help her. good luck!

If I could kick and scream I would too. I hate going there.
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