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Re: Help please, ds having some troubles while bfing

Every baby is different, so there are always new questions!
I would imagine you just have a strong let-down, not a HUGE abundance of milk, KWIM? Since you can have several let-downs per feeding it could seem like he's choking a lot.
I imagine his spitting up could be from eating a good amount at once, or maybe he's overly full if you're worried about him using you as a pacifier. Yes, babies will still suck for comfort if they're full or not hungry. My girls like to be nursed to sleep at night, even if they have eaten recently - does that make sense?
How soon after he eats does he spit up? Sometimes they need to be burped more often, too.
I wouldn't settle on reflux b/c of the ither circumstances (lots of milk at once, etc.) but if it continues then I guess ask your ped? Good luck! My girls are a month old today - I'm right there with you.
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