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Re: Help please, ds having some troubles while bfing

Originally Posted by tmolly
maybe you have a super duper letdown? Your breasts really know what to do so you may not feel engorged but just have lots of milk coming really fast. I have found it helpful to only use one breast each feeding, or to even stay with one side for 2 feedings in a row. That way he'll get plenty of hind milk, too, and the let down won't be as strong.

Another suggestion I've heard is to express some milk before feeding. This may work for you. For me, it just continued to increase my supply.

You will need to continue to watch for wet diapers, wt. gain, etc no matter what you do.

Since he's not crying or colicky acting, maybe you don't need to change anything? Some babies tend to spit up more than others. Is he upset by the choking and gagging (that sounds like a strange question but oh, well)?

Well, hope you find something to make you both more comfortable. My first ds would eat, eat, eat, then really have a fountain of milk come back up. The dr said nothing wrong and he gained really well.

Ive had to pump some anyways, and i have noticed its increasing my supply.
He is having plenty of wet diapers too.
he does get upset when he starts choking, but once he can catch his breath he latches back on like nothing ever happened.
As long as i know this is normal, i can be at ease a little more, Thanks
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