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Re: Well I did it... I called Early Intervention

I was compelled to say that you are doing a great job my ds too has had an eval. and he will start on Tuesday for speech therapy he was 18 months when I started looking into it and it took a while to get everything in order but so far so good he is not talking much if at all he only uses about 12 words that only we his family can understand and so I hope and pray that this will helps us figure out what his needs are. He will be 2 in April.

My not so smart sil did not do this for my poor nephew they waited til the bitter end he is now 5 and is not very undestandable in his speech they say otherwise. They are so in denial that that has hurt my nephew considerably. So I am always glad to hear that parents stand up for their lo.
I know how you feel and I am in the same boat but be thankful that you had your wits about you and did something about it.
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