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Re: Ice Breaker :-)

Originally Posted by MamaLove
The risks of dying or being damaged by these diseases is very rare compared to the risks of the vaccines. For example, only 1 in a million cases of measles result in deafness, but the MMR vax is causing ADD and autism, which is more commen. Getting chickenpox or mumps gives lifelong immunity (unlike the vax), but can be more dangerous in adulthood. Some vaccines have been the direct cause of the disease they are supposed to prevent and more than 1/2 of the mumps outbreaks were vaxed. Risks are also less now than 50 years ago because of our improved sanitation.
My ds got whooping cough from a child who got it immediately after getting the shot for it. My unvaxed ds actually healed with natural remedies before this vaxed kid healed with antibiotics!

It is an individual decision, so we have to choose which risks we want to take and what we feel comfortable with and trust.
Wow. I'm nieve and had no idea. I did deny the chickenpox vac for my DS and I will for my DD too, I thought that one was silly. But menangitis runs rampid in NJ (though they don't want you to know it) and I lost a few friends to it

I'd like to know more though. Anyone suggest any reputable sites to check out? I really want to read up more on this.
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