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Re: I am appauled!!! Does this boil anyone else's butt!!

If this lady had 1/2 a brain, she'd think before she typed! Mammals are fed milk that is made by their body before the baby is born in anticipation for the baby. ALL mammals! So...maybe we should teach cows to bottle feed?! Or tell that mama monkey swinging in the tree with a baby latched on that she's sexually abusing her baby.... nah....we should really all just teach our cats and dogs how to make bottles....that would be the first place to start if we're ever going to stop this gross vile thing that we've been doing MUCH too long!! We should all do what is BEST for our baby and feed them over processed crap out of a can!!! YEA!!!!!

I just read it to my DH and all he could say was WOW.... LOL! Some people should be shot on the spot and this woman is one of them!

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