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UPDATE ! THX MAMAS! Ack - horrible Dr's appt - need advice plz!!

Hi ladies - just wanted to update you on my son's yucky doc visit on thursday - we were without Internet all day yesterday (how did I survive???) or I would have done it sooner.) Anyways - this is all a good reminder to me and hopefully to any of you who are interested in being skeptical and trusting your gut when it comes to medicine, docs, and our kiddos!

We did not end up starting the Augmentin (heavy antibiotic). One mama here said that it caused diarrhea (which our doc also said) and cautioned thatmight make the penis problem worse so I was highly skeptical. I put Aquaphor on it, and used a sposie for one night in case it was detergent build-up in the CD or something (hadn't yet read the last post about pee reacting with detergent...I think that might be exactly what happened). then all day Friday we used CDs but with a liner and lots of Aquaphor. I called the Doc office and explained I felt I had a 'style' mismatch with our current Doc and could I see someone else so they gave me a gal Doc who has been recommended to me before. We saw the new Doc. She said the penis looked irritated but it probably wasn't internal, and we could put 1/2 cup of vinegar in his bath, no soap, and let him soak in there for a few nights in a row. She looked in his ears and said there wasn't any redness at all. And she said that at this time she didn't feel that asthma treatment was necessary - she didn't see any signs - but of course to come back in if I saw any signs. So, pretty much a completely different overview than our previous Doc. Needless to say, I've now switched Drs! It's not that I think the other doc was 'wrong' - just way to overzealous with medicines IMO.

On a side note - one mama here mentioned detergent and heavily concentrated pee causing the inflammation. Our previous doc (that is now no longer our doc) actually did list that as a possible cause. I think that may be the case. On Friday I stripped our entire diaper collection and now am switching back to Sun from Charlie's for a while since that was a detergent change we made in the last few weeks.

Thanks for all your suggestions and advice...I used pretty much all of it - even the breastmilk in his ears and on his sore spot.

I'm freaking out and need some advice on docs and medicine for DS - please help!

I am skeptical of drs in general since my birth experience, and am skeptical of medications too, so take that as a 'history' on me...

I just took DS to the DR. because his poor little penis is all red on the tip/head (sorry for the graphics). Yesterday morning he was in a lot of pain (he's 16 months, and was crying and grabbing what I thought was his tummy). He calmed down once I took his nighttime diaper off, and when I looked his penis was really really red and raw right at the tip, like beet red almost like it was injured, but it was all around the opening. THe whole head looked kind of swollen too...normally it kind of 'lives' inside the skin but it was all poked out and angry looking. So it was still swollen today and also scabby, so I took him in.

This is the second time we've seen this Doc ever...we're new to the area and got him as a recommendation from an ER doc. The Dr said it looked like a skin infection and prescribed an antibiotic (Augmentin? which is Amoxicillin and
Clavulanate and stronger than just Amox.). He also looked in his ears and listened to his chest since he's been getting over a cold for 2 weeks now. He said the antibiotic would help his ears since they looked 'a little' red inside. Then he said his cough sounds asthmatic and asked if he was wheezing at all. I said a little but I thought it was just from the cold, etc. and when he runs and gets excited. He right then and there started going through this booklet on childhood asthma and telling me about the breathing treatment and then sent his nurse in to explain to me how to administer the asthma medication. I was like 'WHAT'??? I asked him to slow down, that I wasn't even here for the cold/cough, that I had no idea what he was talking about.

Well, it goes on, but anyways....I told him I wasn't comfortable with the asthma meds. Should I go get a second opinion? He just seemed to jump in there with asthma out of left field...I'm not sure if I'm being skeptical or just cruel by not treating my son.

Also, I haven't given him the antibiotics yet. Once I start it's for 10 days. I'm SO skeptical! Is there anything else I could do for the 'penis-infection' - a cream or something natural?

Thanks if you made it this far!
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