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Re: Ack - horrible Dr's appt - need advice plz!!

Well hopefully you aren't going to let it get to that point LOL. I don't see anything wrong with trying the BM first. Give it a day or so and if you don't see any improvement then you can reconsider, you should see some improvement in about a day w/ the BM might not be completely gone but it will help. If you want soak a cotton ball or gauze pad in the BM lay it on the sore spot and then put the diaper on that way it will stay on there longer.

I would def get a 2nd opinion about the asthma but I don't know how long I would wait. If he gets wheezy when he runs then I would be a little more concerned. I mean if it were just the cold you would expect to hear the wheezing sound say after coughing but not all the time.

HTh, good luck.
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