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anyone around here with a snap press and a few extra minutes?

hey ladies-

i picked up a crickett's diaper on fsot last week, but it came to me missing a snap. i guess it's the socket part that is missing. aaanyway, i don't have a snap press or know anyone who does, but if you do, and wouldn't mind, i would love to pay to ship the diaper to/from you and any cost associated with sticking another socket in there. another sweet mama i know on here has offered to do it for me, but she lives in the pacific nw, and if i could pay less to ship locally, i'd rather do it that way... if anyone around here is willing to help me out.

wouldn't you know it, i need that very setting snap to get the diaper to fit my LO.

well, holla back if anyone can help me out. i live in nw ct.

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